Real Madrid determined to sign Eden Hazard

The Belgian striker has repeatedly been linked with the Spanish club. And with current situations in both clubs, the transfer looks more and more imminent. Chelsea is pretty far away even from the top 3 clubs in the Premier League, and it is their ability to get back on the winning track after the international break is questionable, at best. However, we must be frank, they only lag 4 points behind Tottenham, currently on the 3rd place. 

So the question is following: Will Hazard get fed up with continuous mediocre seasons Chelsea provided so far, or will he stay loyal to the team and new coach? Maurizio Sarri is most certainly a world-class strategist, and, in some matches, Chelsea played very nicely and attractively, even though the results might not be the most representative of their style of play. 

The situation is even more complicated when we take the transfer ban that’s looming over Chelsea into consideration. The ban itself is still “hangs in the air”, as the final verdict is to be given on April 11. Chelsea appealed against the transfer ban, which, if the judges rule against Chelsea’s favor, will last for 2 whole seasons. Chelsea, of course, refuted allegations according to which they continuously broke the article 19. This article revolves around the transfers of minors, more specifically, completely forbids any transfer of individuals who are younger than 18 years of age. One of such players is Bertrand Traore, whom Chelsea allegedly signed while he was still a minor. 

On the other hand, Chelsea’s aggressive transfer policy helped them in bringing a lot of prosperous young players- like for example, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Antonio Rudiger, or Ethan Lampadu. These players will most certainly leave their mark in the future and hadn’t it been for the Chelsea dubious transfer strategy, they wouldn’t have been in the London club. 

Why have we mentioned this story? Because, if FIFA rules against Chelsea, the club will most certainly be reluctant to sell any players.