Arjen Robben will return to football

In a bid for the title race, Bayern might get a huge boost after it was announced that Arjen Robben should return soon to the pitch. The Dutchman last game came on 27th of November last year (see here all injuries for Arjen Robben) and he was sorely missed as Bayern’s production going forward has dipped since he stopped playing. Admittedly lately Kingsley Coman has been playing rather good on the left while Gnarby is solid on the right. 

Both of those players are rather young and very inexperienced when it comes to winning titles and Bayern could use a player with a killer instinct like Robben. Now the reason why he’s  been out is probably the strangest injury ever in the history of football. Doctors tried everything to determine what was causing him issues who were so significant that many fans speculated whether he would ever return to the pitch.

Now German newspaper Bild is reporting that a purulent tooth infection was causing issues and inflammation all over his body which prevented him from playing. Doctors could not find anything in his body that would point to any injury yet he couldn’t play. Now they finally diagnosed what was wrong with him and removed the inflammatory foci from his tooth which should eliminate any persistent issues in the rest of his body which means that with a few weeks of conditiong we could see Robben back on the pitch in a couple of weeks. 

It’s good news for a Bayern squad who is still in contention for the title (see Bundesliga table) and the Champions League. It will also give their manager Kovač a chance to rotate more which becomes more important as the season goes on. Also for any casual football fan, it’s great news to see him back on the pitch soon.